E. Herbert

“In handling the affairs of my husband and myself, Ms. Reimann was professional,
knowledgeable but compassionate. She helped us preserve  our assets when doing
Medicaid Planning for my husband and estate planning  for myself. Tracy truly gave me
peace of mind!!!”

H. Solomon

“I am a financial advisor who has referred several clients to Tracy for both estate
and/or elder care planning.  The feedback from my clients has been "excellent". 
Her caring, compassionate manner combined with her intellectual accumen are
extraordinary.  Her follow up, timeliness in preparing  documents and ability to
remain in contact with clients is amazing.   I urge anyone looking for an attorney
in either of these related specialties to speak with Tracy.”

E. Pfaffenbach

“I have known Tracy Christen Reiman for about five years. Tracy is a bright,
ethical, compassionate and thorough attorney. She worked on my estate
planning and advised me of the best solution for my particular situation. I have
recommended her to friends and invited her to speak at my senior center.”

B. DeLandri

“I have known Tracy Christen Reimann for a number of years on both
a personal and professional basis.  I, as an accountant, and she, as an
attorney, share a high level of concern for our mutual clients and we
work quite well together to ensure that their needs are met.  Tracy
exhibits such dedication to her clients and her obvious concern for the
well-being of the people she represents are traits that are extremely
difficult to find in the legal and accounting world of today's society.  I
am proud to have Tracy as a friend and recommend her most highly
to anyone in need of a caring attorney.”

Special Needs

“When my partner became ill I gave up all hope. Tracy not only
listened to us but she gave us options. She allowed me to know
that all was not lost!”
--- Ruth W. 
“ We heard Tracy lecturing in Putnam County at our daughter’s
school. My husband and I have three children. Our eldest has
special needs. Tracy advised us how we can provide for her when
we are no longer around. She is knowledgeable and approachable.
I recommend her to everyone who needs a lawyer who does not,
thank goodness, fit the stereotype!”
--- A. Monteleone


“My mother couldn’t handle her affairs anymore and she was going
to lose everything. Ms. Reimann has not only continually guided us
through the guardianship process for over two years but has
become like a member of our family . God bless her!”
--- Missy P.


“I lost both my parents within 28 days. Tracy guided me through the
probate process and sometimes was a shoulder to cry on. She is not
only incredibly compassionate but so very smart. Tracy not only
helped me and my family with the court system but advised us how to
best equalize and lessen the taxes. ”
--- Faye M.
“When my dad died years ago our family lawyer made the probate
process a mystery. We never knew what was going on. When my
mom died my neighbor told me about Tracy Reimann. I gave her
office a call and after speaking with her a few minutes, I knew I
found the right lawyer for my sisters and I. She told me what I had to
do, the steps that she was going to take and what to expect.
Throughout the whole process I knew what was going on and that I
always had an advocate for our interests. Tracy handled not only the
probate work but the estate tax returns. I highly recommend her to
---- Bill M.

Residential Real Estate

“When I wanted to buy an apartment I wanted to use an attorney
who not only was knowledgeable but a stickler for detail like I am. In
doing my estate planning I learned that Tracy handles real estate as
well. Words cannot express how pleased I was…not only a superb
estate planner but an attorney who could assist me with a real
estate purchase. Tracy and her staff were continually there for me
protecting my interests and shouldering my burdens.”
----- L.C.

Elder Planning

“We interviewed numerous attorneys when we were looking for
Medicaid planning for our mother. Tracy was not only the most
knowledgeable but she listened to us and worked with the family so
our parents retained their dignity. Best of all she returned our
telephone calls!.”
--- A. Horton
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