376 Route 202 is shown in the map below.  The site is a triangular shape with our building located at the western-most point.

From the North, via Route 202:  As you begin to approach the traffic light at the juncture of Routes 202 and 116, make a left turn into the site driveway.

From the East, via Route 116:  Make a right turn at the traffic light where Route 116 ends at Route 202.  Proceed 100 feet to our entrance.

From the West, via Route 202:  Continue through the Town of Somers to the junction with Route 100 (traffic light).  The landmark, Elephant Hotel will be on your left.  Make a left turn at that light to continue North on Route 202.  Just past the next traffic light and junction of Route 116, make a right turn into our parking lot.

From the South, via Route 100:  Route 100 ends at the Elephant Hotel wherein you should proceed straight into Route 202 Northbound and use the direction just above.

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